Artist Statement

Within my art practice I have been exploring the history and exotification of Indian art and culture, and much of my work plays with and questions the practices of Orientalism, kitsch appropriation and the mass-production of culturally-specific iconography.

In my earlier works, I deconstructed and re-contextualized elements from a variety of historical periods and artistic movements.  I appropriated images of royal women pursuing leisure activities in the Islamic Mughul courts, and juxtaposed and intertwined them with images of dancers from Medieval Hindu temple sculptures, and depictions of contemporary women and popular culture.  Close observation of these mixed-media works reveal surreal worlds where the narratives are not so easily defined.  I often use images and materials out of context to question notions of authenticity and exotification, as well as to give the original works new meanings through technical manipulations.

The narratives in my current interdisciplinary projects play with issues of cultural dislocation and the cultural schizophrenia that can occur in the translation/ transmutation of time and space.  I am specifically interested in the contemporary transmission of visual culture, and the experiences of women who lead trans-cultural lives.